Windup Camper Canvas

High Quality Windup Camper Canvas

Once you hit the road, you don’t want to be worrying about the efficiency of your camping gear. That’s why you should source your windup camper canvas from a trusted provider like Cutting Edge Canvas. Based in the Sunshine Coast, we make custom canvas for windup camper trailers that takes into consideration the size, shape, and build that our customers require.

In all our canvas products, we use exceptional 12oz Australian made canvas that has been designed to hold up against a variety of conditions. Whether you park your windup camper trailer in the middle of the rainforest, the mountains, or the outback, our canvas will protect you from the outside elements, so you can enjoy your holiday.

While quality is one thing, we also understand aesthetics can be just as important for our customers. That’s why we offer our windup camper canvas in a variety of colours and patterns, so you can enjoy the feeling of camping in style.


The windup camper canvas from Cutting Edge Canvas has been made for the outdoor enthusiast in mind. They will keep you warm in winter, while still allowing enough ventilation to keep things cool during the hot summer months as well.

Windup camper trailers are a great way to experience the outdoors. They can be easily transported when wound down and offer a spacious and comfortable home away from home once they have been raised. With our canvas, your windup camper trailer will be able to achieve its full potential, resulting in unforgettable getaways.

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