Rooftop/Hinged Poptop Inserts

Heighten Your Holiday Experience

For the true adventurers out there, you need the accessories to accommodate your needs. If you are travelling in a van or 4WD, things can often become very cramped very quickly. With all the gear, equipment, and other travel goods that you need to transport, it can feel like there is hardly any space left over for the actual people in the vehicle.

Rooftop/hinged poptops are the solution you have been looking for. They can be fitted to the top of your vehicle and can be raised or lowered with ease. They don’t affect fuel consumption, and don’t limit you from driving through low-lying underground spaces. Instead, they provide a more spacious camping environment for you to live, sleep, store, and relax in as required.

A rooftop/hinged poptop is only as good as it’s inserts, which is why you need a trusted canvas goods company to bring out the full potential of this beneficial feature.

Custom Poptop Inserts Built to Last

Cutting Edge Canvas make custom rooftop/hinged poptop inserts that are designed to withstand all Australian conditions. These inserts are 100% Australian made, are created from the highest-quality materials, and can be made to fit whatever size and shape you need for your vehicle.

Whether you need a brand-new insert, or your existing one replaced, our experienced team are here to help. We can create insulated inserts to keep you warm in the winter, or uninsulated inserts that will let in the breeze during a warm summer’s night.

Your imagination is the limit. Whatever kind of rooftop/hinged poptop insert you need, we will be able to make it.

Order Your Rooftop/Hinged Poptop Insert from Cutting Edge Canvas

Upgrade your camping experience today with a high-quality custom rooftop/ hinged poptop insert from Cutting Edge Canvas. Contact us today to receive a free online quote within 24 hours.