Customise and perfect your home away from home with caravan or vehicle poptop inserts from Cutting Edge Canvas. These inserts will allow you to expand your caravan, factoring in all the space and comfort that you need for your next getaway. With them, you can holiday in comfort and style.

At Cutting Edge Canvas, we create custom-made caravan or vehicle poptop inserts using the highest quality materials around. Based in the Sunshine Coast, we utilise innovative technology to make tailored inserts to complete your next camping adventure.

Your Home on the Road

Poptop caravans are a great way to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing the comforts of your home living. They provide excellent coverage from the elements, allow you to store a variety of travel items, and can be easily folded up when it comes time to hit the road once again.

At Cutting Edge Canvas, we make high-quality caravan and vehicle poptop inserts using the best materials around. These inserts can be tailor-made to seamlessly integrate with your existing vehicle, so that you can finally have the poptop caravan you have always wanted.

With these inserts, you will be amazed at just how spacious your caravan can truly be. You will no longer feel squished into a tight space with all your travel goods and fellow campers. Enjoying the outdoors should be exactly that – enjoyable!


Cutting Edge Canvas can make tailor-made insulated and uninsulated inserts for your poptop caravan or other vehicle. We understand that travelling around Australia will have you exploring a variety of different climates.

Whether you are heading to the hot outback, warm tropics, or cool mountains, our experienced team can create a poptop insert that will guarantee you travel in comfort. When placing your order, let us know whether you would like your insert to be insulated or uninsulated and we will be able to make you a product that suits your needs.


If you would like to order quality-made custom caravan or vehicle poptop inserts, click the button below to receive a free online quote within the next 2 business days!