Cutting Edge Canvas can make a tailored canvas boat cover to protect your vessel for years to come. Our quality canvas boast covers can be tailor-made to work with boats of all styles and sizes, keeping them protected from the weather and other outside influences whenever they’re not in the water.

As always, we only use the best materials, technology and finishing to ensure your boat will maintain its beauty for as long as possible.


A stone guard will protect the front of your caravan from damaging scratches and marks, ensuring it will continue looking its best no matter where you take it.

Cutting Edge Canvas makes both padded and unpadded stone guards that can be custom-made to perfectly fit the front of your caravan or camper trailer. Leave nothing to chance and send through an order for a custom design stone guard today.


While the thrill of mountain biking has no equal, the tedium of transporting your bike to the trail can often feel like a chore. And yet, if you try to cut corners during this process, you risk damaging your beloved mountain bike and its gear, costing you in repairs.

Thankfully, the bicycle bags and bicycle gear bags from Cutting Edge Canvas are convenient, waterproof, and made to protect the valuable equipment inside. Both our bicycle and bicycle gear bags are made from Australian-made 10oz canvas, ensuring that the contents will come out in the same exact quality as when your stored them away. And speaking of storage, our bicycle bags can be custom-made to fit your specific gear like a glove – eliminating the tedium and getting you onto the track quicker.

Order Your Custom Designs from Cutting Edge Canvas

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