If it’s made out of canvas, we can repair, maintain or alter it!

At Cutting Edge Canvas, we’ve been working with canvas products for over 15 years. Our products are made for use, made to be durable, and we do everything in our power to make sure that any product or service we provide our customer achieves those things.

As an extension of our custom canvas product range, we also offer canvas repairs and alterations for any and all canvas products, regardless of whether we made it or not.

If you’ve got:

  1. Roof bags
  2. Bike bags
  3. AFK wraps
  4. Roof rafter wraps
  5. Canopies
  6. Annexes blinds
  7. Anything else that is made out of canvas

That is in need of repair or alteration, be sure to drop it in for an obligation free quote, and a service that will have your canvas product back to best use as soon as possible.

Are you in need of canvas repairs or alterations?

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If you’ve ripped, worn out or damaged your canvas product in any way, shape or form, our team of professionals have the skills, technology and experience to fix it.

Our goal isn’t to resolve any damage momentarily, but to restore the product so that it can be used as it was when first purchased. A good repairs job by our standards means that it will last the test of time, and we stand by that.

If you have absolutely anything that requires canvas repairs, be sure to give us a call for an obligation free quote.


People change. It’s part of who we are. With that, our activities change and with that, what we need our products to do also changes. When this is the case with any canvas product you have, be sure to give the team at Cutting Edge Canvas a call.

We provide canvas alterations for anything made out of canvas, and take the time to understand why you are getting your product altered, so that what we alter it to meets your needs for future planned use.

Is your canvas product just not working how you need it to?

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