Canvas Products for all Your On-the-Road Needs

Keep travel simple and organized with our quality made roof bags, car top carriers, and AFK wraps. Custom made or off-the-shelf, with after-sales repair and maintenance.

Roof Bags

Whether you’re on holiday or a trek, a roof bag is a must to keep your stacks and gear. You can store everything you can imagine, from blankets and pillows to clothes and food in this perfect car top carrier.


  1. Increased storage
  2. Easy to fold and store


  1. 100% waterproof car top carrier material
  2. Broad waterproof zipper for ultimate water protection

Special Fabric:

  1. 100% 12oz Australian made canvas
  2. Resists cold temperature and water

Unique Design:

  1. Fits car tops with basket
  2. Strong straps and buckles for maximum safety


  1. Customised sizes
  2. Wide selection of colours
  3. Special orders are no problem

Get geared up for your next camping trip!

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AFK wraps


  1. 4 separate pockets for each piece of your kit
  2. Can be stored anywhere about in the caravan

Special Fabric:

  1. Made of 10 oz canvas
  2. Waterproof

Need a bike cover?

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